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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
6:27 AM PT5:10 AM Cam 4 switches to a monitor showing the LR with a musical performance setup. 5:11 AM Main House Lights go out. 5:22 AM Cam 4 switches to HOH. -Scott3325
5:32 AM PTAfter a few late-night random conversations, everyone is now finally in bed. All is quiet in the BB house and Day 40 is a wrap. -Starr
5:27 AM PT5:01 AM Cams 3/4 switch off long Joseph/ Taylor BY hammock convo. 5:03 AM Cams 3/4 switch to Taylor/ Joseph leaving BY. Joseph: "Good night Taylor." Taylor to HOH. 5:09 AM Taylor waves to cameras. "Good night." Lights out & into HOH bed. -Scott3325
2:53 AM PTTurner says what if Kyle says I won the veto, and he says I want to keep it the same Taylor says tell Kyle it will be harder as it goes forward and by using the veto, he gets the least amount of blood on his hands. -silverspoons
2:51 AM PTTaylor in HOh with Turner and Michael. Taylor says Kyle will go for it. He wont be enthuastic about it but he will go for it. Taylor says there will not be another chance to get her out -silverspoons
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Big Brother USA News
BB News & Rumors Posts
Aug 13[Matt & Jess CarterMatt] Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: Joseph volunteers for the block? - AprilSky
Aug 13[Screen Rant] Big Brother: Julie Chen Explains Why Michael Bruner Could Become A Target - BBSuperfanLori
Aug 13[Global TV] Veto Equals Rewards And Punishments - WillRulz
Aug 13[Big Brother Network] Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Week 6 Veto Competition Results - AprilSky
Aug 12[The Nerd Stash] Big Brother 24 Unveils Corny Twist, Leftovers Threatened - AprilSky
Aug 12[Big Brother Network] Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Week 6 Nominations - AprilSky
Aug 12[Global TV] HoH Makes Their Move - WillRulz
Aug 12[Sports Skeeda]"I already hate it": Fans concerned with the Double Eviction twist on Big Brother Season 24 - AprilSky
Aug 12[Big Brother Network] Big Brother 24 Twist: Split House Set To Divide The Game – What We Know So Far - AprilSky
Aug 12[Screen Rant] Daniel Admits He Should’ve Handled Big Brother Taylor Blowup Differently - BBSuperfanLori
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BB Highlights Posts
Aug 13Kyle won the Veto. It was Prize Punishment comp - Taylor/Joseph will be chained together for 48 hours, Alyssa got $5000, Jasmine got a trip to London, Terrance has to get 182 tattoos, Indy won the - binkie94
Aug 13Veto players are Taylor, Indy, Terrance, Jasmine, Kyle and Alyssa (NT) - binkie94
Aug 13Dolffie's Alliance Map from Week 6, Day 38 - Dolffie
Aug 12Taylor nominated Indy and Terrance for eviction (NT) - binkie94
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BB Alumni News Posts
Aug 10Janelle and son backstage at AEW with Austin - Nort76
Aug 8[Taran, RHAP] Checking in with Tiffany Mitchell - aj401
Aug 6Kaitlyn: "Lets just take this in." >>> - Corndogger
Aug 3CBB1, Ex-NBA Star Metta World Peace Targets $1 Billion Investment Fund - Scott3325
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BB Media Posts
Aug 14Taran's Sun morn feeds update - HES
Aug 13[ET Canada:] Daniel Durston Reveals If He Regrets The Way He Treated Taylor Hale In 'Big Brother' House - moeopoly
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BB Canada discussion forum...

August 13, 3:57:45 PM to 3:59:45 PM (Cam 1/2) Saturday
House Guests discuss Jasmine's Veto comp winning trip to London...
August 13, 8:23:20 AM to 8:24:10 AM (Cam 3/4) Saturday
Jasmine asks Joseph if he thinks she is ugly when she wakes up
August 12, 7:05:00 PM to 8:37:10 PM (Cam 1/2) Friday
Jasmine & Terrance Clean the Bathroom
August 12, 12:31:25 AM (Cam 1/2/3/4) Friday
Taylor HOH Room Reveal
August 11, 10:48:45 AM to 10:50:45 AM (Cam 1/2) Thursday
Brittany dancing and Taylor singing & dancing on Eviction Day
August 10, 4:06:50 PM to 4:35:20 PM (Cam 1/2/3/4) Wednesday
Brittany leads the House Guests in a meditation session
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