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8:10 PM PTIan says to Dani that if Mike hadn't given him (Ian) that safety his first week, he would've been gone. So he knows how Kevin probably feels right now. -lilysky101
8:08 PM PTDani and Ian are rocking in the hammock. Ian says "I like Keesha." He thinks it might go 60% Kevin; 40% Keesha. Dani says she doesn't really know. She tells Ian she's not really close with either of them but has had more convo with Kevin; says he's so nice
Dani says she feels bad for Kevin. He was on slop this week and that his week has been awful. -lilysky101
8:06 PM PTstars -cfinch22
8:02 PM PTDani and Bay talking in the BA. Dani says he (Kevin) is so sweet and she really doesn't want him to go home. She says he did good getting to the HOH comp. -lilysky101
7:56 PM PTDay tells Kevin that David's vote is locked. Kevin asks "Really? I thought he was my weakest link." He thinks the vote will be split. Day agrees. Kevin says he will come for anyone who tries to vote him out. -lilysky101
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August 10, 10:52 AM (Cam 1/2) Monday
Nicole Franzel reveals her revised wedding date to kitchen crew
August 9, 7:58PM (All Cams) Sunday
Backyard opens, it takes them a few minutes to notice.
August 9, 3:56 AM (Cam 3/4) Sunday
Enzo elaborates on being a crayon salesman
August 8, 12:28am (Cam 1/2) Saturday
Kaysar talking to Keesha about nominations...
August 7, 8:52 pm (Cam 4) Friday
HG's play charades.
August 7, 3:49PM (Cam 2) Friday
Cody and Kevin chat in SR
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