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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
11:04 AM PT10:59 AM Adorable Adoptable Animals -Scott3325
10:48 AM PTChristie is telling Sis that they have to give a speech and Analyse says she doesn't know what her speech will be on why Jackson should use veto on her. Christie now helping her with the speech along with Nicole in the room -lambily4life
10:40 AM PTSis/Christie has joined Nick/Tommy and Christie is telling them her speech to Jackson -lambily4life
10:39 AM PTTommy/Nick talking. Tommy is wondering about next week and saying he needs to make a deal with Cliff for next week. Nick is saying imagine how he feels for his dilemma on who he will put up next week against Jess. Tommy asks if Cliff will put up Holly/Jess -lambily4life
10:23 AM PTCurrent Feeds
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