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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
9:58 AM PT9:54AM Dani tells Memphis about her power: "I'm willing to use it on you today." -katstoy
9:52 AM PTDavid can't believe Day got tricked by Dani and Nicole. Enzo is just saying the same platitudes over and over again (it's too much, yo). -branana
9:51 AM PTDavid says he sees who is against him. "Day f**ked up." Enzo says that you shouldn't be influenced -- have to do what's good for your game. Enzo says he can't even talk to Day, that it's awkward. "I can't., yo." STARS -branana
9:50 AM PTEnzo complaining about how Day plays the game and makes things personal. He just keeps saying things are too much and repeating his usual line "This is my HOH, yo." Says he isn't a follower, he's a leader. Says you have to understand who has the powers in the
house. Enzo thinks Christmas/Memphis has them. David says that Ian said he and Nicole had one. Enzo doesn't think Dani, Tyler or Cody have them. -branana
9:48 AM PTDani says she talked to Day. Says she's sad that Day is leaving and that Day knows Nicole is lying. Feeds switch to Enzo/David. -branana
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September 24, 1:23:23 to 1:31:42 AM (Cam 1/2) Thursday
Day talks to the camera about her experience
September 22, 4:27 to 4:42 PM (Cam 1/2) Tuesday
Da'vonne goes to campaign for Christmas' vote. They end up having a heart
September 21, 8:53PM (Cam 3) Monday
Fire in the BB Kitchen....
September 21, 2:11:00 to 2:12:40 PM (Cam 1/2) Monday
Nicole confirms (lies) to Day that she voted out Tyler...
September 20, 2:21:45 to 2:23:46 PM (Cam 1/2) Sunday
Chair collapses as Tyler sits down
September 18, 11:41:21PM (Quad Cam) Friday
House starts to shake! HG say earthquake, get in the doorway
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