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Big Brother USA News
Posts in BB News & Rumors (MORE)
11/17/17Jess & Cody ~ We’re at Knoxville here in Calgary tomorrow (tonight) night if anyone lives in the area and want to come party with us!
11/13/17Jessic Graf ~ Philly + Jersey! You guys were just so incredible!
11/13/17Cody & Jessica surprise Visit with a girl suffering from Brain Tumor
11/12/17Charity starts at home. You don't need to tell the world when you do something good. For those wondering what Jody have done for their fans :)
11/08/17Wanna have Thanksgiving Dinner with Kevin, Jason, Paul, Ramses & Josh? You can for $75. Buy Your Tickets NOW!
11/08/17"'Life in Pieces' first look: It's Whatshername, from 'Big Brother'!" Link to story and video inside!
11/06/17Josh NYC!!! I will be at the Sugar Factory NY Upper West Side this Thursday on Broadway ~ 7-9pm all ages no cover, can't wait to meet you meatballs..
11/02/17‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Producers Eyeing Blac Chyna for First-Ever U.S. Edition
Posts in BB Media (MORE)
11/18/17BB19 Raven Talks About First Impressions In Big Brother House On Instagram Live November 17 2017
11/17/17BIG BOOTY WORKOUT | Nolan Twins
11/17/17Nolan Twins: blending in
11/16/17Jessica and Cody at The Pint Vancouver
11/15/17Bean Boozled Naughty or Nice Challenge! | The Nolan Twins
11/15/17Amazing night last night with Jessica and Cody most down to earth people I have ever met I love you guys I am happy I had the chance to meet you both
11/15/17Nothing says love more than a lick on the face. Jessica this is a beautiful pict & Cody's smile tells all
11/15/17BB19 Jessica and Cody on IG before their meet & greet in Toronto
11/13/17BB19 Kevin + his wife Deborah Chat With Fans On Instagram Live November 11 2017
11/13/17Caleb Reynolds Live On INSTAGRAM Nov 13, 2017 with Zach Ranceypants
Posts in BB Alumni (MORE)
11/04/17Thursday marks the World Debut of TEAM BIG BROTHER
10/29/17Aaryn Williams: I AM A MESS. TMI. 35 WEEKS PREGNANT
Joker's Chat - BB19
Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
9:34 PMAnd with that, that's a wrap for #BB19. See you all back in a few short months for CELEBRITY BB!! -NoleJP
9:34 PMFB live backyard interviews have ended. -NoleJP
9:32 PMDan Gheesling just texted Dr Will and confirmed he tried out for Big Brother 4 times before he got on. Josh ran around because heknew that was Dan's #. -NoleJP
9:31 PMJosh said his biggest advantage was to keep under cover and not let everyone know how big of a fan he was. he wanted everyoneto think he was in their back pocket, but that everything he did was to expose someone elses game. -NoleJP
9:29 PMWill asked him about how he's going to decompress. He said he has family that keeps him humble -NoleJP
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