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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
4:32 PM ETRyan thinks it is Marsha the Moose. Now they heard something else. -susanr342
4:29 PM ETAround 4:18pm while Ryan & Paras are playing pool they heard what they think is a woman's high pitch voice saying hello. (I heard the noise twice on the feeds but couldn't make out what it said). They are now looking all around the house for the source of the sound. -susanr342
4:11 PM ETPool game over and Derek joined the outdoor crew. Ryan is in the house. No sign of Hamza on feeds. -susanr342
4:08 PM ETEveryone except Ryan & Derek who are playing pool and Hamza are outside suntanning. -susanr342
12:32 PM ETJesse, Olivia, Johnny, Veronica, Kaela, Derek, Will, Maddy, Erica, Hamza & Merron are all outside enjoying the sun. -susanr342
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