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Joker's Big Brother Chat
Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
12:31 PM PTFeeds down for a half hour so far. -BBTalking
12:06 PM PTFeeds have switched to older episodes of BB. HG’s are filming something special -craftyjulz
12:03 PM PTTyler remaining calm after Kaitlyn spills the beans to pretty much everyone (esp. telling Scottie about Sam's power) pics inside -MadVelvet
11:56 AM PTKaitlyn & Scottie go to HOH rm to talk a bit earlier this a.m. Scottie is looking at his glasses that takes pictures. Kaitlyn tell him she has to tell him something. Scottie says he is scared. Kaitlyn tells him he should be scared but he should know... -MyBestBud (Long Post, Read More...)
11:51 AM PTAlmost everyone outside either sun bathing, relaxing in shade or on hammock or working out. The only one I don’t see is Scottie. Edit: don’t see Winston either. -craftyjulz
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