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Joker's Big Brother Chat
Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
2:56 PM PTFaysal now in the HOH listening to music. Brett, Rockstar, Haleigh & JC in kitchen joking around. -MyBestBud
2:54 PM PTTyler & Faysal in BA. Tyler says he has been dying to listen to music. Faysal says he knows. Faysal starts to sing. Tyler says he just want to listen to new sh*t. Tyler says, you know that feeling when you hear a new *ss song & the first time you hear it...Faysal says, banging. Tyler says, you just keep playing it. Faysal says like being in your f*cking car with my speakers, but not too much, it sounds amazing. Fay says in his old car you knew when he was coming, you can hear it.

Tyler says, there's Faysal. Faysal says, hide your kids, hide your wife. Tyler is taking a shower, Faysal leaves the room.
2:41 PM PTBrett said he has a feeling he is going to be slapped by Rachel. They laugh & agree. -MyBestBud
2:39 PM PTBrett, Kaycee, Haleigh, Tyler, Sam & Angela in & around kitchen area talking about social media. -MyBestBud
2:35 PM PT!:45 BBT- Kaycee makes egg whites and spinach and then making ground turkey. ( I have had to pause feeds a lot, so not current time, sorry) -amIsane
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